How old does my child have to be to play at SCVFA? 

SCVFA is 9U-14U. This is determined by birth year.

Is my child old enough to play?

If your child was born between 2014 to 2009, they are eligible to play.

When will I hear from a coach?

Coaches will contact you shortly after the coach's meeting (when the coaches receive their rosters and are asked to call their players). The meeting will be held in late July for the Fall season and late March for the Spring season. 

How often do we practice?

Practice twice per week is an average. 

When will I know when my child practices?

We allow coaches to select the night(s) of the week and the time slot for their practice(s). Once the rosters are distributed to the coaches, your coach will contact you and inform you of the practice night, and time they have chosen.

Can I receive a refund after registering?

SCVFA has a no-refund policy. Many of the costs for a player (registration, insurance, uniform, etc.) are incurred long before the season starts. However, under unusual circumstances, we will credit a paid registration to a subsequent soccer season.

Do we play in the rain?

Soccer is an outdoor sport and is played in many weather conditions. We will play games in the rain. The decision to cancel a game day is complex and involves:

  • Field conditions (how much the fields might be damaged and are the fields safe to play on).
  • The forecast.
  • Scheduling considerations for whether or not we have the capacity to make up the games at another date.