The SCVFA's girl's program is focused on an academic style of player development, training, and conditioning. This includes focusing on skills, teamwork, and overall confidence in any age group.

SCVFA girls' players and teams compete at a high level for youth soccer in Northeastern Ohio for their respective age groups. The level of play within the program is to obtain success as individuals and collectively as a team ultimately. Players at this level need to comprehend that talent is never enough - the player's commitment to the game must reflect the level they aspire to compete within.

Training sessions will emphasize winning through development by encouraging a greater understanding of individual and group tactics, including player movements, situational play, critical thinking with problem-solving activities, game management, individual skill, result-oriented activities, and the development of the physical and mental components of the game.

Through the game of soccer, the program will assist players in preparation for life off the field by helping shape their approach to fulfilling commitments and responsibilities, which will lead to success in their professional endeavors.


  • Fall, two days a week, this year this age group trains on Monday at Gurney and Friday at Solon Community Park on SOM.
  • Two days a week, Spring will likely try to stay the same as fall but could change depending on field availability. That said, training will either be at Gurney or Solon Community Park.
  • Winter, three days a week of training, this winter will be Monday at The Edge (Twinsburg), Thursday at Caps Fieldhouse (Valley View), and Friday at Western Reserve Academy (Hudson). Times for each age group are still TBD.
  • We understand that outside of the fall, kids may have other sports and are understanding that a practice may be missed here and there.


Each team will play an 8-game Fall and an eight game Spring schedule, with games almost always on Saturdays at the Northcoast Premier Soccer Complex in Lodi. Each team will play a 6-game Winter 1 and a six game Winter 2 session, with games being at various Northeast Ohio indoor facilities (Force Richmond, Lost Nation, Rothenbuhler Arena, Lodi, NC Hudson, Caps Fieldhouse, etc.); indoor games can either be Saturdays or Sundays. *Subject to change based on facility availability.