Our fees are competitive with other elite soccer clubs in and around Ohio. Club fees cover all league and association costs, player registration fees, US Club carding fees, outdoor grass, and turf field rentals, referee fees, club dues, coaching fees and coaches’ travel expenses, and indoor training. Player fees do not include uniforms. 

Additional information is provided during player evaluations and tryouts. 

Tournaments Fees - Each team will have a different tournament schedule, but at minimum, we try to do one tournament each fall, winter, and spring. Fees for these can vary between $60-$120 (depending on the cost of the tournament, the number of players on the roster, etc.). Many of our teams will also participate in at least one out-of-town tournament, which would require a night or two hotel stay (although for our youngest group, there are always enough local tournaments for us to join).

Tournament fees are billed to the players on that tournament roster before each tournament.